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Foremost Ice Cream Shop in the local area

The finest ice cream in the local area, made with the best quality ingredients, is found in Mad Over Milkshakes. Bite by bite, taste by taste, you will discover the tastiest flavours ever created. Give yourself a break from your busy day and stop by to enjoy the many flavours of ice cream we can offer to you. You can get in touch with us through our booking form, or visit us and let our staff recommend you the best combinations for an extraordinary gourmet ice cream experience.

Finest Ice Cream in Town

We are eager to make your experience one that you would love to repeat and, for this we use only the highest-quality ingredients. We are proud to say that our ice cream has a creamy and soft texture that melts in your mouth, giving your palate a whole flavour experience. Our scoops are generous and provide you with the exact quantity to enjoy the uniqueness of the aroma and flavours, which will let you appreciate the value of the ingredients.


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